Friday, January 6, 2012

A Somewhat Belated "Happy New Year" from the Guerilla Kitchen

Hello and Happy 2012 to you all! I'm a little late to the party, I know, but better late than never, I hope. (And it's still 2012, after all.) I hope you had a festive holiday season with friends and family, and that you watched A Charlie Brown Christmas at least as many times as I did. (Four).

As for many of you, the holidays were a busy, yet enjoyable time for Brady and myself.
Allie and I traditionally spend Christmas Eve with our Dad, Vince, the zany-looking fellow you see here. Naturally Allie's manfriend Sebastian is the guy taking the picture.
Some of these packages contained fun, fabulous new kitchen gadgets for the GK. Like a hand mixer! No more creaming butter and sugar by hand for THIS lady!
New Year's was spent in Boston with our dear family friend Kathy, who has been gracious enough to host us in all or multitudes (Allie, Sebastian, Brady, Dad and myself) for four straight years now. Between all the visiting, gifting and eating, we've been fairly booked solid until just recently, but we wouldn't have it any other way. Though we are still on the Cape with my family for the time being, we will be heading back to western MA within a week, so we are enjoying the best of the place while we can.
We've taken some great walks through woods, marshes and colonial cemeteries. 
Cape Cod is lovely in the winter, don't be fooled by its summer-only reputation.
Obviously, "the best of Cape Cod" involves seafood, so expect some fresh food posts for the brand new year! Coming soon: fish tacos (probably beer battered), Amy Sedaris' killer pastitsio (not seafood but still fab), and basically anything that I can cook in my extremely glamorous new lidded three-ply aluminum Le Creuset saute pan. And as always, I'm open to requests and suggestions, so have at it!

All photo credit for this post goes to my very talented future brother-in-law, Sebastian Ebarb of Sebastian Ebarb Design.

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