Monday, September 5, 2011

Guerilla Kitchen in Aruba Part 2, or Sauteed Swordfish with Avocado & Green Salad

Our second full day in Aruba, today was our designated "do nothing" day. After a couple of hours at the beach, we took a break for lunch in our suite (delicious egg salad sandwiches made by Allie) before heading down to the pool for a couple more hours and the all-important pool happy hour. We've got a snorkeling adventure planned for tomorrow, and given the whitey white-white state of my skin before this trip, I was quite committed to building my tolerance in preparation for several hours on and around a catamaran. I've done fairly well so far.
A bit sheltered from the more high-traffic areas of the pool, this is a little slice of heaven where we've spent the last two afternoons.

 After some much needed showering (WHY must sunscreen be so hard to get off?) and a little chill-time, we considered the evening ahead. So, with our swordfish steaks busy marinading in Italian salad dressing, we headed back down to the beach to take in something Aruba is quite famous for, and which surely did not disappoint: A gorgeous sunset.
If this view (from under one of the beach huts, or palapas) weren't beautiful enough...

... This boat appeared at the last moment to make quite the photo opportunity.

I know, right now you are probably thinking "I thought this was a food blog. Why all the stuff about Aruba?" to which I don't really have an answer, except that these sights are too lovely for me not to share, and this experience too fun for me to keep quiet about. So I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

As far as the actual cooking of tonight's dinner goes, I cannot say that I strayed very far from last night's grouper, except to say that I did use lower heat for a longer period of time owing to the thickness of the fillets. I used the same Italian salad dressing marinade, and pan-sauteed the swordfish, serving it with lemon. With it we had a salad made by Allie and some sliced avocado as well as yummy multi-grain rolls. For me, avocado sprinkled with a little salt is one of the loveliest things around.
The paperwork to my right is our tickets for snorkeling tomorrow. Excited!

Before yesterday's grouper, I had basically zero experience with cooking fish. I've cooked seafood, sure - shrimp, scallops, what have you - but delicate, flaky fish has always been a bit intimidating to me. I think this is because I love it so very much. Who wants to be responsible for ruining something so naturally wonderful, let alone something they have a deep affinity for? So, putting aside my anxiety about it, Allie was willing to step aside and let me try it out, which I am grateful for. I've discovered for myself what I've always known to be true: Beautifully fresh, local fish, with just a few basic additions, speaks for itself.

Quote of the Day: Soup and fish explain half the emotions of human life. ~ Sydney Smith

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