Friday, July 29, 2011

The Next Chapter of Guerilla Kitchen

Hello readers! As most of you probably know, Brady will be earning his MAT at UMass Amherst (yay!) starting in September. Alas my graduate program here at Drexel doesn't end until December, but it's not all sads. Next weekend we will be embarking on a grand adventure, moving all of his stuff and 75% of mine to Sunderland, Massachusetts, where I will be joining him after the Holidays. This is great news for me in lots of ways. The area is bursting with arts organizations, which will hopefully translate into a job for yours truly, and as a really sweet bonus we will be only a few hours from both our families. (Also, I'm not built for city living, I'll be honest. I'd happily sacrifice a few spare CVS locations for stars at night and fresh air.) We are excited about the apartment, which we love, and for the next chapter of both our lives.

So what am I doing until December, you might be wondering. Well, for one thing, I am moving as well, to a studio apartment in the same building where we live now. The next week or so involves a lot of moving. After the 10-day-hiatus that I am taking from GK, I expect that the next stage will be a bit different, though I am not yet sure exactly how. How can I stay motivated to come up with new ideas when there is no one there to oooh and aaah about it, and just how often will thesis-writing mania and distraction cause me to get a sandwich for dinner from the amazing deli across the street? For those of you cooking for one, I hope GK will become a resource for you as I figure out just how to incorporate fresh, healthy, delicious and cost-effective food into a sole-proprietorship-type-menu. You know, when I'm not having popcorn, peanut butter and Pabst for dinner.

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