Monday, June 13, 2011

The Blog is Back in Town

Hi everybody! I must apologize for taking a little time off from GK without giving the heads up. Not that I think any of you suffered too much for it. But still, I feel a bit guilty, so I wanted to let you all know what's coming up in the next week or so.

Brady and I had a lovely (but much too short) visit with my family on Cape Cod this week after my sister's graduation from Brooklyn Law School. It was strangely cold and dreary here for the season, and we found ourselves more than once engaging in "vacation-minded" eating. Specifically, bacon three times in as many days. Brunch will one day be my undoing. But anyway, since we are back to "real life" now, I am grateful to this blog and to its readers for some accountability in the healthy-cooking-and-eating department.

Here are some ideas for upcoming posts:
Garden burgers made with quinoa and veggies
Baked Chicken Wontons with Dipping Sauce
Thai Turkey Lettuce Wraps

More soon! xo

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